Deboxing and Deblistering Waste Pharmaceutical Products

Deblistering Waste Pharmaceutical ProductsTwo Dominator depackaging machines were recently installed at a factory which specialises in the recovery of materials from waste pharmaceutical products.

The first machine was setup to debox aluminium blister packs from their cardboard boxes, these blister packs were then separated using an eddy current separator before falling into a second machine. This second machine then removed the tablets from the blister packs so the aluminium could be sent for recycling. Due to the versatility of the Dominator the same model was used in both stages, but different paddle settings and shaft speeds were used to optimise performance. Instead of sending these blister packs to landfill the customer is now able to recover the aluminium and has another revenue stream.

Depackaging Machines Shipped to Australia & United States

Depackaging Machines shipped to Australia

The Dominator heads for World Domination, with our first waste depackaging machines recently sold in Australia and the United States.

Our client, a large composting site in Australia recently commissioned Rowan Food & Biomass Engineering to install a depackaging machine to enable them to start accepting packaged food waste. Through using our equipment, they will now be able to process and add organic material to green waste, forming a quality compost. For more information or enquiries for similar projects, contact our exclusive dealers

In America, the Dominator Depackaging Machine will be used to depackage both expired and out-of-spec supermarket and food factory rejects. Our equipment will depackage this food waste to produce an organic soup which will be used In the generation of energy – from waste to anaerobic digestion.

Rowan Engineering LR Range Depackaging Machines

Rowan Engineering are proud to introduce the LR models as the latest range of our depackaging machines.

This new machine comes with integrated loading hopper, feed screw, control panel and access platform as well as our existing Dominator Depackaging machine, making it the complete all-in-one solution for customers where space and time is at a premium.

The LR model is plug and play - simply bolt into position, plug in and away you go!

All existing Dominator models are now available in the LR range, and in either carbon or stainless steel.

Contact Rowan Engineering today for further information.

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Dominator Depackaging at RWM18 NEC Birmingham

Dominator Depackaging at RWM18

Rowan Engineering recently exhibited their depackaging machine at the recycling and waste management show at the NEC Birmingham.

The show was a massive success with businesses from all around the world enquiring about the machine and how it could help them.

With the Dominator being so versatile it attracted a vast range of industries. From gypsum plasterboard manufactures wanting to recycle their production offcuts to municipal waste recyclers wanting to extract as much organic content as they could to reduce how much material they send to landfill.

On top of all the enquires and interest the Dominator was also nominated in the exhibition’s innovation awards for most innovative business or local authority succeeding within the circular economy process

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